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Hot Toys Rambo figure (outdoor pics)

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So I now have the latest Rambo offering from Hot Toys. I think he looks good in my display case along side the other Rambo figures in my collection.

I think the headsculpt is pretty dead on. what do you think?

Not sure how the bag actually went, but it should do for now.

I think overall I am pretty satisfied with my newest figure. I really wish I bought all the Rocky figures now. (I guess it's not too late for that).

here's a little "Skinny" that I threw together for a upcoming photo shoot.
he's a WIP.
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By far, this is the best Rambo figure; it captures the essence of First Blood perfectly. The facial expression reminds me of the scene where Rambo calms down right before the officers were going to dry shave him and then he violently reacts against his oppressors.
I messed around with some of my figures last night and decided to put my "PMC" / "CIA" figures in one of those old 21C Jeeps, they look pretty cool....I am going to try to get out today and snap some pics.

I just got three more DC Direct 13 in figures.
Shazam, Superman classic, Superman Movie to stand next to my Flash to come soon.

One Shot out!
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