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Hot Toys Rambo 3 Question

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Just picked this figure up, not a huge fan of the movie but a total fan of the figure.

Ehhh...except the choker has me. I guess you are expected to remove the HT head to put the choker on the neck?

I've never removed a HT head and frankly at $100, I'm afraid to try, so I figure I'd ask here first ;)
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From what I can remember that muscle body simple has a big ball joint sticking out of the neck. So try nuking some water and dipping the head in for a bit and just yank it off.
Its easy to remove. Heat the head with a blow dryer until its warm and softer, then it pulls right out at the upper neck ball joint. Just make sure your dryer is not so hot it burns the head. It goes back in easier when you are done. Just a solid push downwards and it pops right back.
Either or---I'm personally a big fan of nuking water though.

Works faster IMHO
Thanks guys, I'll give it a shot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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