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My alien warrior did not break during assembly (thank god), but as I recall it was impossible to put together and I was scared that it would break. One arm would not fit into joint, no matter what! I even tried lubing it slightly to try to force it, but I finally had to use an x-acto knife and shave the socket a little until the ball would pop in. Even after that though it was not easy. I had to lay it down on it's side on some padding and push on the disconnected arm with just about all the might I could safely risk to get it on. Putting these things together can be the most stressful thing ever!
His lower arm is quite loose, but it stays in as long as you don't mess with it much.
They are toys, but they are not toys for kids. With mine I generally change their pose a little every now and then, but just leave them alone for the most part. Once they are put together with no damage I don't want to take risks. Ha.
Overall with mine I have not found them to be as fragile as people say, but I guess if I tried to handle them all the time I would change my mind.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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