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Hot Toys Predator 2 ELDER PREDATOR (final product pics)

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HT-Predator 2 ELDER PREDATOR product pic


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Thanks for the great photos, ShiGuangYu! He looks like the best Predator figure thus far. Mine should arrive before the weekend. I can't wait!

Love the headsculpt. I like the expressive pose of his mandibles.
Well I know who will be landing on my shelve soon:) These HT movie figures are so beatiful, I can't resist...

Fanfreakingtastic!! Gottagetminetodaaaaaay baby!!!!
That's it, I'm getting it. Lord what a sweet figure...
What I really want is the one that's standing behind the Elder in that scene with the mask that is sort of sculpted to look like the Predator's actual face.
Dead sexy.
I touch myself.
Holy!!! I can't wait! Another winner from HT...their best Pred. yet! Many thanks for sharing the pics!
Sweet can't wait
well actually I can
till after xmas
Cant wait, mine ships soon :banana .
my grail piece! ive got two pieces of these babies on preorder. one to display and the other to keep...forever..muhaha.
Absolutely fantastic!
I'm glad I pre-ordered this guy.

I can't take it anymore, this hobby is off the freakin map! Hot Toys is blowing my mind and putting me into debt. After Chopper I said "NO MORE PREDATORS!" Damn you Hot Toys, here's another $130 of my hard earned money.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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