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Hot Toys Power Loader review, Warrior Aliens comparison

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Power Loader Review

Warrior Aliens Comparison

It's been out for awhile, and I've even had a guest reviewer cover it...but I couldn't not review one of the best toys of the year, the Hot Toys Power Loader. This is an amazing piece of plastic, with a ton of detail and one of the best paint jobs I've seen in a long time. Yep, it's expensive, but considering how expensive some mass market vehicles and playsets are, it's not that bad a price.

Jeff Parker checks in with his own Alien related guest review. He's taking a comparison look at the new Warrior Alien from Hot Toys compared to the original. It's more comparison than review, but if you're trying to decide between them, it will be quite helpful. You can find all the reviews at the usual:

This is the last review of 2007 - a happy and healthy New Year to everyone! Thanks for reading,

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Found a similiar one. Haha.

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