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Hot Toys POTC 3 Will Turner pics and spec

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POTC 3 Will Turner pics and spec

Thanks for your great links Crowinghorse, but I figured these guys deserve their own threads, so here-s the full spec and gallery-

HOT TOYS - MMS 56 - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
- 1/6th scale fully poseable Will Turner collectible figure

The Will Turner collectible figure, stands 12 inches high (approximately 30 cm tall), true to 1:6 scale from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End,

This collectible figure comes with real like jacket costume and accessories include:
** Sword
** Scabbard
** Combat knife
** Knife sheath
** Pistol
** Necklace

## Authentic Orlando Bloom Likeness
## Each figure comes with POTC3 logo display base with Will Turner nameplate.
## Points of articulation: over 22 POA

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Thanks for the pics Wookster. I like to see the new HT neck being used ( ala MEF II tan FS version ) Reminds me of BBI's G-3 series neck posts. Great articulation there. Looks like a must buy.

With the right gear he could be turned into the guy from Assassins Creed.

Very nice figure, decent likeness, really looks good.
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