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Hot Toys M14A1 SOCOM Scout

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I hit the Hot Toys Web site and had a look at their CIA GOI figure sporting a M14A1 SOCOM Scout Rifle. I am a lover of the M14 from my old days in the Army and just wet crazy over the 1:6th scale version HT did. Really great job on this weapon by HT. HT even added a noise suppressor should one choose to use it. Found one in Hong Kong and I had to add it to a figure and do a little sharing.

T. R.


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its a MUST HAVE item for sure. i need to get one or few. but the one you have (CIA one) is cooler than the one that sells by itself. i like the flash suppressor, silencer and add-ons on yours much better.
That is a nice 1:6 weapon.
Now all you need is to replace the M4 pouches with M14 pouches.
I will say the M14 Socom is a fabulous piece by HT.I like the Firearms 3 version better.It has a bipod and a different scope.That Surefire foregrip just looks odd.But it is a great looking piece!!
I was surfing and got lucky finding this weapon. I ordered the other one and will do a few modification but, you are right, the SOCOM Scout is a sweeting looking weapon.
Definately a great looking peice..I would love to find a silencer for my HT M14A1 Scout in wood finish...
Makes a good bash even better, nice to see a mean green again. Good job, STALL STUFF.
grizzerr said:
That is a nice 1:6 weapon.
Now all you need is to replace the M4 pouches with M14 pouches.
Actually, I think that's the old ACE woodland chest rigs. I used that for my snipers, too. I used the M4 pouches across the front of the rig for the 'primary' weapon, and then used the larger side pouches of the rig for the M14 mags. It worked great.
Actually, the SF Chest Rig I have (same as the one in the picture) will hold 2 M14 magazines if I don't use the smaller pistol magazine/utility pockets in front (or MagPuls unless there are the para cord custom Cheap Charley/Field expedient made ones) and 1 with the use of the pistol mag/utility pockets. You can also get 5 M14 magazines each in the larger side pockets. However, I prefer to use the large pockets for grenades and other needed items. Back in the day, the standard combat load for the M14 was 120 rounds with one in the rifle (140) then all the extra you wanted to carry (SOP) in your pack. I am applying that same logic with this figure. Remember that is why the Army went to the 5.56 anyway, so a soldier could carry more ammo.

I made an assumption that the HT version of the AWS drop leg ammo pouch could hold 4 each M14 mags (2 per pocket) as the marketing material stated. However, it is a little bit of weight on the leg when running or moving. Thanks for the comments
Great looking figure!
I remember firing the M14 on the range and when the air was slightly humid, you could literally see the track of the round going down range
i aree i love this gun, and it looks jus amazing with the figure
That head looks like Denzel Washington from "Courege Under Fire". I have him as a SatCom Operator but use him in my Celebrity Forces. Good job. You folks here do some very good work and I keep getting ideas for Bashing. This is all new to me but I am learning alot.

"Life starts to suck when you stop getting toys for Christmas"
love the weapon, headsculpt, and boonie. really awesome figure man. mad props.
Great bash mate.

Picked up a few HT Socom models with suppressors, best money I ever spent.
Nice !!
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