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Hot Toys has been awarded the "Best Licensee" for their Iron Man 3 collectible figures by the Asian Licensing Association. Hot Toys writes:

We are very honored to be awarded the "Best Licensee" for Iron Man 3 Collectible Figures Series by the Asian Licensing Association and thank you everyone's support!

The Asian Licensing Awards recognizes the outstanding achievements of licensed properties, licensing companies, licensing agents, advertising and promotional firms for their development, launch and promotion of licensed properties and trademarks throughout Asia for the preceding year.

Hot Toys' wide range of Iron Man 3 collectibles are well recognized as market leader in the industry and are well received from different walks of life all around the world. In addition to introducing market-leading collectible figures, Hot Toys' worldwide touring events have been very popular and became the talk of the town.

We will continue to make great products and bring amazing exhibitions to all fans!
Thanks for all your support again!
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