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Hi guys,

The Pinoy and Merlion City OSF members seem to be pretty organised, but not the Hong Kong guys, so I thought I'd do a roll call of HK-based members.

I've met 2 other collectors here - MAA and AW1771 from SAG. Would anyone else be interested in getting together to do a group dio, or just to have a beer and make small (1/6th ;) ) talk?

I'll kick off

Name: David
Location: Central / HK Gold Coast
1/6th Interests: British WW2 airborne and FJ; Viet Nam
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HI, ActionMan, do u know that there is a 1:6 forum with most of HK 1:6 addicts?
PLease take a look on it and u may find some friends there! THough I am now in US, I am actively participate in there :)
Lei ho, Liam?

Thanks for the link - unfortunately, like most lazy ******, I don't speak or read Cantonese or Putonghua. I have to rely on this forum to find out if there are any 1/6th shows coming up in HK.
Thanks for the invite David!
Glad that you are calling the locals and try to pull a gig toegther!
I recalled someone sent me an email a while back for a Dio collaborations too... was it you?!

1/6 show?! Apart from the Toys Expo in Wan Chai, I am not sure if there is any good one?! Strange come to think of it, as some of the very best are based here, rivalry stops them from being united I believe... ha ha ha!

Will let you know when I am back into NAM, as u know, I am rather "alternative" most of the time.

Again, honored and you are doing a great thing, regardless the responses.

See u around at the MK stores!

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Hi Calvin, Yep, that was me that emailed you.

Regardless of genre, it would be great to meet up with you some time. Perhaps in Mongkok? I've got to go and see Alan at TS as soon as his M1 helmets are released to buy some.
Aha! Surly! May be late Nov or Early Dec, mgbb is back from Tokyo, lets gather... for sure, I am gonna pick up the HT stuffs.
Hi! Long time no see!
Hong Kie in the house! That's Hong Kong person, not the slang from the 60-70's in the states. :)
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