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Yes, this is another hobby figure exhibition I went in the same weekend. (It is really crazy in Japan there are like hobby shows every other week and some times more than 1 in the same week!)

This one I am purely a visitor. Some OCSF members were having a booth there showing their 1/6 figures to the figure hobby lovers. Here are some of the photos to share. Whole album of 70+ pics are archived in my website:

Final Fantasy Yuna by STJ Land-san

I'm not sure but this character definitely looks like Zhang Ziyi in movie "Banquet"

Yummy BBQ dio by GORO-san

The cool couple by Fukuinu-san

Fury-san's female figure is one of the best

It's always amazing to see Akaimegane-san's Jin-Roh team

Someone made a 1/6 Votoms Scopedog

Of course there are military 1/6 figures. Here are some by Santa-san
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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