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Well finding a DML one is such a task,I took it upon myself to make one.
I know it`s not as sharp as customs seen here though I`m happy with it.

First off a HK family photo (Mk23,Mp7,Mp5,UMP,G36)

Next MK23,Mp7 & Mp5 as the main visual comparison photo I had when making the Mp7.

Views of the Mp7

the Mp7 is made from plastic card,Muzzle from a G36,Stock rods are metal wires as too the sling brackets.
The stock works,as too the front grip. Also has a hollow pistolgrip for mag`s.
Still need to add some detailing & also make both size magazine clips.

Well thank`s for looking & hearing your thoughts.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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