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Hitler Youth Drum

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First we would like to say this is the first thing we have ever done from the 20th Century, and secondly, not to offend the people who like the Germany of Adolf Hitler, we are not really 100% happy having made this drum.

However, we were asked to make it, and we did. But we thought we would share the Drum with the noticeboard before we send it off to the person who commissioned it.

We have also been asked to do the same Drum but in the style of the Poster below :-

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it is what it is theres no need to be sorry its good work
If DiD can make these figures, why would it be wrong for you to make this drum? It's history, and history always has sides and stories, good and bad.
Nice job, I'm sure the owner will be happy.
Your work is always top-notch-do you have a real job ??
Real Job ????? :)

Thanks for the support, much appreciated. Each to there own as they say. But it was fascinating researching the subject and reading some first hand accounts of the Youth of the period, and the way the 'propaganda' from the powers at be was taught to the children.

We are very much interested in the American Civil War, now there is another period that can be viewed in a slightly similar vein.

Usmcrtop......sent an email to you tonight re that Grenadier Bearskin you were mentioning - almost ready to send some pics ! haven't heard from you in a while thought something was up. Anyway, that person you told about the Marine Corps hat purchased one from us, so thanks go to you.

Again thank you to all for the support and the kind words.​

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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