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I'm Pacoman and my english it's horrible . My other big problem it's the 1/6 scale ... Too smoke and drink but haven't problem's because I work in TV .
Wen was kid I played with spanish version of Gijoe , the Geyperman . After , wen I was boy , played with girls ... Ehmmm! , oh! sorry .
My figures prefers ; Modern , civil , SCFI , Superheros ...
I have already one hundred figures , Sideshow , Dust , Dragon , Hot Toys .... Too some romans of Ignite ...
Well no speak more .
It`s an honor for me to stay here in OSW , thanks by permit aboard , thanks and congratulations for your web and forum .

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Bienvenido. :)

Hay otros de Espana aqui. Tambien de otros paises donde se habla Espanol.

Que todo te vaya bien.

Todos queremos ver tu collecion. :hyper
Muchas gracias .
Te voy a ser sincero , no creo que venga mucho por aquí , me han censurado un post que ha tenido mucho exito en Europa . Aquí dicen que hay niños ...
No me gustan los foros de militaria donde hay niños y no hay libertad de expresion .
Un abrazo .

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¡Bienvenido a OSW!

OSW aceptan a miembros más jóvenes aquí, apenas al igual que entusiastas de todas las naciones. OSW no es perfecto, nos esforzamos hacerle un lugar del tranquil para gozar de la "hobby".

I hope that translates out OK. While many things are possible here, some subjects are not allowed, in respect for others on board.

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OK , it's allright friends!!!!
UUfffff!! my first day , a big experience ...
Thanks to all again ,
Navio y Montañes , es como encontrarnos por la Quinta Avenida . Laugh... un placer conocerte , estoy seguro que en OSW voy a encontrar gente amable , tu eres el primer ejemplo.

Dear Flaccid Eagle:
My english it's horrible and me don't like work with machine traductor , sorry.
If you know Madrid there is a shop near Gran Via, in Luna street , called "Metropolis" . Here there are military WWII (Dragon) boxed and loose , too Sideshow actors but anything new . Military figures there are some shops more but all out of center of Madrid .
Respect civil , fantasy , SCFI , etc , there are a group of shops called "Generacion X" , maybe site in Galileo street it's the best but anything of the other world ...
I thing anybody (1/6 fan) buy in shops in Madrid , maybe the first figures , after you know the 1/6 world and all we buy in internet , this year, with the change Euro-Dolar it's fantastic for we buy in USA webs (maybe that this year I can't holliday )
Well , this is all information about shops in Madrid I can give you , because there are something shops , but I propose you two points:
1- If you want more information about shops in Madrid you can speak with another spanish member of OSW , called "Montañes" , he is a big man in information you are looking for .
2- If you come back to Madrid call us !!

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