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Hi, guys, I am William who lives in Malaysia, new to this world....
I am huge fans of human fictions in any kind of stuff, including 3D, paint, and 1/12 scale figures etc...of course now I love collect 1/6 figures now..

But I am not the kind of whole set or completely achieve to specific theme for figures....I just simply make up a combo which I see fit....with my yeah....hope I could join you guys....

Wire up some of my recent DIY and brands I used (categorized in bodies I used).....pls have comments and advise.....I can comp it better in future...XDD


The Ganghood 1.0 muscular body (with Robert from Craftone and Bruce Willis with unknown brand)

View attachment 394406

Camouflage Cargo pants Military camouflage Military uniform Military person

View attachment 394412

View attachment 394414

Footwear Camouflage Cargo pants Military camouflage Military uniform

Toy Entertainment Cg artwork Fictional character Electric blue

The Ganghood muscular body is actually my second purchase, I was first bought the Zc toys body (which shown below) because I was told that half seamless body is hard to find the cloth....but it just too much worries, now I think Ganghood is the nice huge cheap body for standing poses, ....For this body, I was tried so many times with these 2 looks both worked well I guess...or may be Willis is little bit too high since his head is smaller than Robert...

ZC Toys MK 005 body (with Robert from Craftone and Bruce Willis with unknown brand)

Camouflage Military camouflage Toy Sleeve Military person

View attachment 394410

Sleeve Toy Street fashion Art Statue

Shoe Purple Military camouflage Knee Military person

Hand Microphone Human body Gesture Entertainment

Well this body is my first 1/6 scale looks a bit too small when head attached, but it looks not so bad when wearing the battle suit and vest....that kind of things can increase the size of the body.....but in this body, I just found out that Robert head is more suitable for in real life....Robert is shorter than BW :nanana I love them both of course....

easter egg XDD

Joint Leg Muscle Toy Gesture

The TBL M35

Shoulder Furniture Knee Thigh Comfort

Martial arts uniform Dobok Martial arts Japanese martial arts Combat sport

Sports uniform Martial arts uniform Dobok Martial arts Japanese martial arts

Martial arts uniform Hand Martial arts Sleeve Combat sport

So this is my recent combo, which takes me so many money~~!!!Instead of Arnold, I choose Van Damme as my "Judo warrior" in this collection, so many people get Arnold + M35 combo, which I don get interesting anymore....but yeah, this seamless body is incredible great in posing and I cannot go back to plastic body anymore...probably will buy M30 and M33 in future.......

So here is my story for 1/6 figures......hope you guys like it and have a nice day!!~ XDD


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