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IslandOfToys said:
Looks like a nice bike...although with that company name I'd be careful about sitting on it and having the thing sprout tentacles or something. :X :rolling
maybe that explains why the recent litter of kitten s
in my house all have 6 legs & 3 eye balls!

if i am not wrong, there are 2 diff model of bike being produced,
each with 3 colour scheme.

I have 1 in yellow,
i choose yellow, coz yellow paint has the highest content in lead,
you can feel you fingers itch every time u pick up the bike,
gotto luv it!

It has light & sound as well, it can be a bit of a noise pollution,
nothing a bit of re-wiring will not fix.
& if u are a fussy *****, change the LED light at the front to
white or blue ones. (red is standard)

so... in term of value; it is 120 above 100
(i got it at USA$13 from China then)
quality = 100 above 100
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