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IslandOfToys said:
Looks like a nice bike...although with that company name I'd be careful about sitting on it and having the thing sprout tentacles or something. :X :rolling
maybe that explains why the recent litter of kitten s
in my house all have 6 legs & 3 eye balls!

if i am not wrong, there are 2 diff model of bike being produced,
each with 3 colour scheme.

I have 1 in yellow,
i choose yellow, coz yellow paint has the highest content in lead,
you can feel you fingers itch every time u pick up the bike,
gotto luv it!

It has light & sound as well, it can be a bit of a noise pollution,
nothing a bit of re-wiring will not fix.
& if u are a fussy *****, change the LED light at the front to
white or blue ones. (red is standard)

so... in term of value; it is 120 above 100
(i got it at USA$13 from China then)
quality = 100 above 100

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Yeah i saw that there are a few different designs and colours. Im no expert in bikes but i presume they arent accurately based on any particular real-life bike, are they?
Either way im seriously tempted to get all of the bikes available.

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The bike in the auction looks to be based on a Honda RC112v. Although not entirely accurate, but close enough make the resemblence.

Also from what I've seen, these bikes do not compare in quality to say a Minichamps, but they seem comparable to New Ray.

In any case, there are some bike models that Hengtei makes that are not offered by any other model company in 1:6th scale such as the Suzuki Hayabusa that Ray just posted up there, which is more than enough reason to get one.

the bike in the auction, although you can get a nice high end version of it by Minichamps, for 1/10th the prce you can get your Honda RC112V (probably good for parts fodder).
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