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I guess this is the best place on the forum to post this..

Yesterday at the hobby store, my GF suddenly got the urge to build a model of a caboose! :lol

So I need help finding a plastic model of a caboose. I'm looking for a static model, not the powered kind. I remember several years back, Monogram released a line of plastic model locomotives, and something along those lines was what I was thinking.

I've been searching online, but since I'm not familiar with what manufacturer makes what, I'm at a disadvantage. :think

Any help would be great!

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For the Gloor Craft Models used in the above project,
contact Stephen R. Gloor
Address: 715 N. Locust St.
City: Oak Harbor
State: Ohio
ZIP: 43449
Phone: 419-898-0572
County: Ottawa
Manufacturing Firm: Gloor Craft Models

...or you might be able to get the kit and components from various model railroad store in your area. They may direct you to other kits and components as well. My encouragement and best wishes for this enterprising young lady.

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Heya, Sgt. Schultz!

Here's another possible source:

Their catalog is like a phone book!

Did a quick search for "caboose kits" and itr came back with 3233 hits:

Looking there are probably lots of accessory type things, but you should still get a fair number of complete cars kits.

Hope this helps!

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Hey, have you ever gone to "The Original Whistle Stop" in Pasadena on Colorado? Check 'em out, not the biggest place, but they got some cool stuff and you can find some cool stuff for 1/6th as well.
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