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Long story short: I just wanted a Zhuge Liang figure and I just fell in love with the 2010 Three Kingdons based one but it sold out years back so I got the bright idea to make my own years later.
The head of the O-Soul one (based on actor Lu Yi) is out of the question (no one sells it) but I found another one of Takeshi Kaneshiro who played the character in Red Cliff movie adaptation so I bought it. I did not know anything about bodies so I just picked one that I thought would fit and boy was I wrong.

The body is just too large in general but the neck diesn't fit the body at all. So I started looking for some info and stumbled upon this forums. I just hope someone would help me find a good body. I just took some pics with measurements. And yes, I know some people use hot air to stretch the mold but I think no amount of hot air is going to help in this case.

I just wouldn't want two things. A seamless body because latex/silicone degrades over time and they're quite expensive do no point as the clothes would cover it up entirely. And I just think a detachable neck like in this case would maybe be better? I'm just not very convinced with bodies who have a fixed neck.

PS. English is not my first langieage so if something is not clear just let me know. :) Really loking forward for a reply.

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