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Let's do this....!!!
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OK so by now the more experienced and longer members will have already surmised that I am a 'n00b' at creating/clothing/just about everything about scale modelling etc.

I really only got into the hobby as something to get me off my Console gaming.

I love Call of Duty and when I saw the cool attempts on here of Price, Soap, Ghost et al, I realised I had to have a go.

Money is in short supply so I would say I am an avod collector. I used to collect Star Trek figures (from Playmates) and have quite a lot. (Something which the wife started me off collecting by getting me Lt Commander Data in a bargain bin, I might add)!

I have really gone mad - having the app on my I-Phone and just kept buying stuff for my kitbashes.

I am extremely novice at these things and when I get these together, I struggle with the what goes where, which order is best and more importantly the best way not to break things....!!! :dizzy

Broken one SCAR-H (The barrel snapped off when the figure did a head dive off the table).

Broken countless headsets or earpieces for my Ghost kitbash.

Getting frustrated with it but the end results are quite good.

This is a link to my made up Facebook page for Captain John Price.

There are pics of the kitbashes I have done so far - most of them are unfinished, but they are a start.

Please - anyone know what stages that uniforms, etc go one the NAVY SEAL UDT?

the pics on the box don't help and there are always things in these boxsets that I have no ieda what they are for.......!!!!

yours frustratingly - Dicky Mint.

ps, if thereis a help section like this - please post a link to it cos i didnt find it in my search.

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