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HELP! RAH Stormtrooper broken shoulder

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Sorry, I am a real newb when it comes to RAH surgery.

I broke a shoulder in one of my RAH Stormies a while ago, it was bound to happen eventually. I got a replacement body today, a RAH 301 Naked, MEDRAH213.

I was wondering where do I start?

How do I get the plugs out to get at the screws -are there even screws in there?

Should I try to take all the Armor off the Stormtrooper and put it on the new body? I am wary of cracking it or distorting it.

Can someone please point me in the direction to a complete walk through?

Thanks a bunch.
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The Mediworld board has a whole section on replacing Medi parts and whatnot, don't know if I'm allowed to post links to other forums here, but a google search for Mediworld, Medicom should point you in the right direction.

And provide pics of the damage, it's easier for them to help you that way.
Yeah I've been trying over there to find someone but to no avail. You would think if they had a sticky thread on this topic that is on it's sixth part it would contain relevant information. Nope.

Any way i popped the plugs out this morning but the screws are very tight and won't budge.

I decided to go for the body swap. Like I had feared, getting the lower torso armor off didn't go so well. I lost the other shoulder and an ankle getting it off. Damn super brittle white medicom body.

Now putting it back on the new body I am having trouble with the body suit bunching up. I am heating up the armor with a hair dryer but it is not doing the trick.

I am considering cutting this part up the side and refastening it with double sided tape on the inside.

Thoughts appreciated. :budhug
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