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Happy New Year! I am not new to the 1/6-world but just recently bought my very first Hot Toys item. It is the Luke Skywalker Bespin Set.
So when I unpacked the set I learned that Luke's feet are boots and not feet. I wanted to put Luke in some leisure clothing with low cut shoes.
So I bought feet fitting for Hot Toys on ebay. I did not pay proper attention because I thought there is only ONE Hot Toys foot system. Apparently there are more! The pegs I received do not fit. But so far I could not find any feet on ebay that fit to the pegs Luke actually has. See picture for details.
Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to get feet on Luke? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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you can:

get the feet that came with the HT black slim figure. they are compatible with the peg design,

track down an old twisting toyz nude. they are very cheap. The feet (when softened in hot water) will fit the peg design,

track down a sideshow Prometheus body. the Prometheus body uses the same peg design and I believe some of the bodies (cobra commander, maybe some of the ninjas) had regular feet that are compatible with Luke.

swap Luke's head on to a different body,

modify a Soldier story foot by making the hole a bit larger (via dremel) to accommodate the larger peg.

hope that helps!

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