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HELP: Indian army uniform

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Yesterday, I saw a BW movie about the Sino-Indian border conflict of 1961. Interest suddenly came to me regarding the opposing forces. Since Soldier Story realesed the Chinese soldier of that era, I thought maybe I can bash an opposition to that figure. Just for fun. hehe.

If I may ask, does anyone ever done an Indian soldier during that particular conflict? or maybe someone has info about the uniform and equpiment? from what i saw in the movie, most wear British style uniforms and webbing.

Thank U in advance to everyone.
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The Indian Army at that time used British arms (lots of Lee-Enfields No.1 Mk.III's, later the L1A1 with wooden furniture) and equipment exclusively. All the photos I've seen of Indian forces during this period and well into the 1970's show the British 1937 pattern webbing being worn. Although they may have had it available I haven't seen any use of the '58 pattern webbing. The uniforms were Indian made but of British style. As evidenced in photos you would find a mixture of the olive green uniform, khaki, even battle dress. I've seen many shots of the Indian pattern pull-over sweater being worn (v-neck cut so that you can pull shirt eppilettes through). Footwear consisted of British "ammunition" boots and anklets. Headgear was the venerable British Mk.1 steel helmet of WW2 fame. Para units used the airborne steel helmet and their own version of the Denison smock. Because of religious custom instead of a helmet Sikh's wore the traditional turban in olive green to match the uniform. An Indian soldier should be fairly easy to put together with the wealth of British WW2 figures & loose stuff around. Have you seen that there is a new release of a PLA soldier from the India-China War coming from Soldier Story? It looks very good, I've seen it for preorder at several online dealers.

I found this photo from a Life Mag. cover, thought it looked inspirational:


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I've been thinking the same thing! Gives me an excuse to use one of those lovely RMC Sterling SMGs too.

Some photos of Indian soldiers from the 1962 Sino-Indian War are here:

And some reading material:
mr. furious genious, thank u so much. I actually seen the Soldier Story PLA infantry figure. It's so cool. that fig and the mentioned movie gave me the idea for an Indian soldier bash.

mr. justin_g, thank u so much for the link. I hope these would help. goodluck with the project.
Hi jello vicious, You are welcome, the Indian Army is a great subject, some really great uniforms throughout history. Yeah, I think I may have to bag that PLA figure too. My knowledge is somewhat limited on the subject but you should also post on the UK 1:6 forum, you'll probably get more responses with even better info. I know Tony Barton is sure to have some good intell on the Indian Army of the 1960's. By the way, if you should decide to go with a Sikh here's a link to turban tying that can help with your headgear: and this one in Adobe shows a more Afghani style:
Thank u again, furious genius. i'll definately try asking the UK forum. I was actually thinking of making a sikh soldier too. thanx so much. I thought of just to sculpt the turban, but considering the lack of sculpting skill, i would definately try actually tying up a turban.

thanx for the link and help. I really appriciate this. Good luck buying the PLA fig.
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