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ever wearing flipflops
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Howdy fellow OSWer’s. Michael Skram II here, with a question about some of the civie gear, as seen on the television show SEAL Team. This question may already have been asked, but I did not see a thread – so here goes.

In some of the episodes both the David Boreanaz character ( Jason Hayes ), and A.J. Buckley character ( Sonny Quinn ), have worn tee-shirts and hats emblazoned with a buffalo ( animal not team ), image.

In one case Jason has a buffalo image tactical look tee, and in another instance we see the same buffalo image facing a hair missile ( dog ). Additionally, Sonny has a ball cap with the buffalo image superimposed with the Texas state flag.

Being a native son of Texas, and tactical gear junkie, I want to score that hat – and possibly some of the tee-shirts.

Any I.D. info/intel would be appreciated – and yes, I did spend about an hour googling various search words looking for info – and came up bupkis.

I have no way to capture images from the DVR/on demand index, so I hope that the descriptions above are something to go on.
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