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It is a standard issue item. Part of the Nomex ensemble known as CVC , or Combat Vehicle Crewman. Same concept of the Aviators flightuit, just designed more with the ground forces in mind.

It can be used by Spec Ops personnel as well as the common grunt type.

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Neova said:
Does anyone know if its just a custom or standard army issue? I'm working on a team of spec ops and don't know if its appropriate to use or should switch to bdus. Quality is crazy fantastic though.
It's a standard issue item. Most operators are seen wearing the flight-type suit, but I think I've seen them wear the tank suit as well (or modified flight suits that look a lot like the tank suit, so either way, it's all good). Any Marines working with/in convoys while deployed in Iraq wear the CVC suit as standard operating procedure, to protect against flames in the event of a IED, though they usually wear the tan version.

Can't wait to see your fig!
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