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Hello fellow collectors!

Been collecting sixth scale over a 12 year period with a majority of my collection from Hot Toys Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, with a smattering of robots (3A and Underverse), scifi, history, and warrior women from other excellent brands like Dam Toys, Very cool, DiD Corp, Blitzway, and TB League. I'm a huge Blade Runner fan and I think it's the greatest scifi film in history, along with the sequel. Also like customized and unique figures from artists like From Russia with Love Customs and SuperMad Toys.

Aside from collecting I'm also a 3d character modeler/digital artist having been part of a team that worked on a cool little video game. Love designing creatures and characters, but I also like photography, nature, and reading.

Don't know why I didn't know this forum existed, but I'm happy to be here with my fellow collectors. Cheers! :D

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I just saw this post. Traffic has been a bit slow on the board lately, so I'll be the first to say welcome aboard.

New member introductions section doesn't get a lot of traffic.
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