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Hi there

I recently discover the 1/6 scale world for collectors, well I knew about the "Hot Toys" figures but I am not fan of the super hero figures so never was interested about that

I have a 1/10 scale garage diorama for my rc/crawlers, last year I was looking for "human like" "NECA" figures at BigBadToysStore and I found the Dam Toys brand and the 1/12 scale Death Gas Station Series, I was totally hooked about the awesome design, some months later I gather a small collection of 6 of that figures

During my search online I found some awesome brands that totally match with the weird design that I like, for example

Devil Toys

Black 13 Park

Blitzway HUNTERS : Day After WWlll

Darkcrown Toys

Studio sundowner


Dorgmal snow


Well I decided to jump in the 1/6 scale on this collector universe and I pre ordered a couple of figures

Meanwhile I also want to explore the kit bashing and I’m planning to build a figure using this head

Entertainment Eyewear Art Cool Performing arts

I have to find some cool accessories and clothing; this will be entertaining and this forum will be very helpful for a newbie like me

my instagram @antigacho
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