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Hi All...

I'm name is Vito Michael D'Aiuto, I live in SW Connecticut..and I'm new to the hobby comming from (and still do) scale plastic modeling.

I'm retired military from the USN having served 15 of 20 with elements of the 3rd Marines (grunt and winger) as a Corpsman. I was activiley involved in Helo borne C/SAR (COMBAT SAR), personal aircrew protective equipment and
Field medical ops.

I am currentley at SIKORSKY AICRAFT in STRATFORD Connecticut as a Quality Assurance Inspector/Flight crewman. :jump4joy

My areas of intrest are"

Colonial Marines
C/SAR and Combat medical

Looking FWD to hearing from you guys and gals...and a special thanks to "The other Joerg" for his hi back and GSG-9 help :clap

Best Wishes.........Vito

wave man TDY staff
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Doc, I'm moving your FNG (Friendly New Guy) thread into General Discussion, so more of the inmates can meet you.
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