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Hello everyone, newbie here!

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Hello all!
The title says it all, really.
My name is Frederico Ribeiro and I am Portuguese. I live in Maidstone, Kent in the United Kingdom. I am the Quality Manager for a machining company and I am 30 years old.
I've been building and collecting 1/43rd scale resin and metal kits for about 15 years, but I've wanted to try military modelling. I briefly considered military vehicles in 1/35th scale, but decided against it. I am an avid Jagged Alliance 2 player (for those who know the game) and I've built a reasonable personal library on special forces and firearms stuff, so this seemed like a natural step. At the moment, I am only collecting weapons, but I've one figure, an Elite Force Desert SAS Commando, just to have a look at it and consider the possibilities.
I would like to build figures with a Jagged Alliance 2, but for the time being, firearms only.
I've a look in the forums here and I am incredibly impressed with the kitbashing skills on display. I look forward to spending some time here, admiring your incredible creations.
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welcome have fun!
Welcome Aboard Frederico! Good to have you on board, your firearms collection sounds neat and your potential bashes from this game as well.
Hope to see some of your work soon. :)
Welcome Aboard,and have fun and enjoy the madness!!!!
Welcom and I look forward to seeing your work.
Welcome, Frederico!

Great group of people here... hope you enjoy!

Proud son of Rose and Wes
Thanks guys, for making me feel so welcome!
I intend to be considerably more active in the near future, but work had been taking up far too much of my time, until this morning.
Welcome to OSW. And I am not sharing my cell.... in mean room.
Welcome aboard, Frederico. We understand well the problem of real life work vs hobby time. As for your single figure, the bbi SAS Commando, that's a good start.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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