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HELLBOY II (spoilers will be dealt with harshly)

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When HELLBoY came out, I was familiar with the main character by way of seeing the comics at my local shop. The recommendations of others, powerful images of the previews, and a strong cast got me to the theater, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In HELLBoY II, Guillermo del Toro has come back with a sequel that I found even more powerful than the first. The directing, scripting, staging, photography, and acting, have created a powerful story that drives on from opening to ending.

del Toro's imaginative vision, seen in his previous works, is turned loose here. Absolutely fantastic sites and creatures are made easily believeable. I thought even as I watched, that these creations were just what was needed to produce the worlds of Robert E. Howard. Arnie's Conan films would have truly been epics with such talent and drive.

These creatures and effects would be wasted without a proper story and fine acting. The cast conveys the heroic nature of the struggle, as well as the tragedy that effects all. There are no simple characters here, but deeply constructed individuals. The nature of Good and Bad are debated, and adversaries recognize there are less differences between them than the men whose fate they contend over.

As for the actors, Ron Perlman' HELLBoY is both funny, sad, and at times noble, a powerful anti-hero. I can't imagine anyone else in the role. Of the superhero roles I have seen recently, he far outdistances all others.

Selma Blair's Liz Sherman gets much better coverage this time. It's a strong character, and she steps up to the role. Big well done to her.

Doug Jones, showed he could make Abe Sapien more than a "fish man" in the first film, fleshes out the character to accomplish a much larger role in II. Like HELLBoY, he shows more "humanity" than ordinary men do. Jones also plays two other characters.

The Elven Prince Nuada is skillfully done by Luke Goss, and he's no simple villain. A hero (or anti-hero) is only as good as their foe, and Prince Nuada is both amazingly deadly, and tragic in the burden of what he does and the losses incurred.
As his twin, Princess Nuala, Anna Walton is a gentle character with great inner strength. She is pivotal to the story, and carries the role with great subtlety.

John Hurt returns to portray Professor Trevor 'Broom' Bruttenholm, HELLBoY's "Father", in a great flashback.
Jeffrey Tambor is back as Tom Manning, the long-suffering supervisor. he's a talented guy, and they retained his annoying but decent character.

Finally, in the category of "The Character You love To Hate, But End Up Liking", BIG kudos to Seth MacFarlane as the voice of Johann Krauss . If you watch much Cartoon Network, you've seen MacFarlane and his waggish work. My hat's off to him for getting Krauss nailed down.

Sooooo, in other words, I say do yourself a BIG favor, and get out to see HELLBoY II. I don't think you'll want those two hours back, and if you like it as much as I did, you still be buzzin' a couple of days later.

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I am going to spoil it here for everyone...


Every movie I have seen this summer has been better than the previos one.I only hop Dark Knight can keep it up!
I'm hoping Sideshow comes out with some good figures from this movie. I've been keeping an eye out on their website, but so far I haven't seen any mention of new 1/6th figs for HBII.
Can you guys believe Ron Perlman is 60!!!!???
Sorry to say, but I was disapointed with the movie and judging by the reaction of people in the theatre and my friends, I was not alone...

Excellent movie
Cant wait for the Hobbit
I'll be going this week.

PD - that was a great review thanks.
I thought it was good but not as good as I was hoping. I think they gave GDT waaaayyyy too much money to spend. Anyways hope they get their cash in before TDK steam rolls everyone:devilhnd
I thought it was good but not as good as I was hoping. I think they gave GDT waaaayyyy too much money to spend. Anyways hope they get their cash in before TDK steam rolls everyone:devilhnd
35.9 million in first weekend...I think they'll be ok.
The only beef I had was that the characters from the first few Hellboy series I read,didn't look like that,except for the main guys.It looked like most of the characters were from Del Toro's imagination and not Mignola's.But I could be wrong.Alot may have changed sonce I read Hellboy.
35.9 million in first weekend...I think they'll be ok.
They won't be OK, because this week they will start competing with Dark Knight and pulling the above amount again will be unlikely.

I do not want to say it was a BAD movie, but it offered very little. Yes visuals, but story was rather weak.

Just saw Hell Boy 2 last night. Like PD my head is still buzzing with images from the film. S-ramos says they gave Del Toro waaaay to much money - That may be, but he did such great and amazing things with the money. I have not seen a ton of movies lately but of the 4 I've seen in the last 6 weeks (Ironman, Hulk, Wanted, Hellboy 2) this is hands down my favorite. This is the first movie in a long time that I already want to see again.
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