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Hi all:

Sorry for breaking protocol but I wanted to post a 'new' publishing company called

They have an eclectic mix of titles and eras but the 2 most striking one are the [email protected] which is a new series and the [URL="] the Syrian confligaration[/URL] kicks it ogff. there are some other titles. They're not published yet but wil be soon.

The other one is the multivolume [email protected] whicjh I think will complement the multivolume series on modern African wars by Osprey as wel as the South African elites forces and the upcoming Rhodesian Light infantryman aslo by Osprey as well as the really old Concord title of South Africa's wars in Nambia.

Osprey has been hitting out of the park for the last few years. Ever since they're started to poll readers at their website and actively asking us what titles we want, the editors have been diligent and have revitalized Osprey which was becoming a tad stodgy.

There are just so many titles that I'll just limit them to a subjective list of books that I have and would like

I have and recommend:

The Chaco war a good intro to a relatively obscure war (for English speakers at least)
and provides a lot of kitbashing ideas
The Spanish civil war (1) & (2) a good update and a helpful corrective to the pro Franco perspective in the Spanish Foreign Legion

Spetnatz- haven't read it but it looks solid and the plates are 1st rate as always

The Balkans wars: another really intyeresting war at the eve of the First

Turkish-Greek war; looks like another kitbashers dream; same for the Russo-Polish war 1918-1920

The PLA since 1949. Looks great and now that Dam toys has several PLA figures, the booklet wil give us some great ideas

The latest book on the USMC special ops uniform and gear looks great for kitbashing from all the latest companies.

That's all for now, so I suggest you take a look at the link (I'll assume that everyone's bookmarked Osprey :lol) fo your kitbashing ideas


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The links to Helion & Co. don't work...

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Fixed the link. It loads a bit slowly.

Thanks, again, Xavier. I bookmarked that one, what a trove of subjects.

I agree about Osprey, particularly on the Gran Chaco and Spanish Civil War books, and now the Armies of the War of the Triple Alliance 1864-70 title.
They are digging into the small wars, which are among my favorite subjects.
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