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Helicopter secured for OP: Liberty Canyon Sept 27th Wolcott CT

MACV has secured a Bell Jet Ranger 206B helicopter for the OP: Liberty Canyon Sept 27th Wolcott CT.

Operation web site:

United States Army transport was not available so we have secured a civilian helo for MACV use. Pending town approval (we anticipate getting it next week) United States forces will use the chopper for transport of troops, prisoner transport, and LRRP over flights on September 27th from 0800 to 1200 hours. All United States forces registered and paid for the game will have flight time in the bird for $25 to cover the fuel costs. VC / NVA troops should contact me if you want to be involved in the air operations as prisoners or other character actors. We will have a full camera crew that will take your pictures and you will be able to take your digital cameras on board to record your flight. The following YouTube video shows the flight that my team took last weekend at RECONDO school.

Link to YouTube video of LRRP Team Two Zero helicopter over flight at RECONDO school:

Another RECONDO school chopper video:¤t=RecondoHeloops.flv

Email MACV with any questions via the web site.

Saddle up troops!!

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