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Got my Artfigures Heavy Armed Special Cop 2 from KGHobby over Christmas and made a couple of mods.
Repkaced the hands with HT Dark Knight hands and custom made gauntlet cuffs from heavy duty garden gloves.
Also gave him a Lawgiver I got loose. It was the blue version do repainted it, the holster (and straps) and ammo pouch black and weathered them.
I also chopped the head about to lower the helmet. I know the way it came was screen accurate but I prefer the noses of Judges being covered by the visor as per the comic.
Helmet needs the seams removed and repainted but I'll do that later.

I also weathered the gold badge and belt buckle.

Some photos with Dredd.

Face Ballistic vest Shoe Military uniform Helmet

Ballistic vest Helmet Glove Breastplate Armour

Helmet Ballistic vest Sunglasses Military uniform Marines
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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