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I need some sculpts that look like the following (in the face at elast, they'll all have helmets or field caps on).

BoB Winters

for the next ones, i need sculpts that look like they did about 15 or 20 yrs. ago-
Sean Astin
Billy Zane
Matthew Modine
Harry Connick, Jr.

I need at least one sculpt from the last list. Any of them will do. I've been planning on a bash of one of these for a LONG time. anybody wanna guess from which movie?

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The B-17's often flew over my house when they were making that movie. When I first saw them I didn't know what was going on. We only have one flying B-17 so to look up and see two was amazing and then to notice they were F's when the flyer I knew was a G was too weird. After that there were 4 flying around often accompanied by a B-25 camera plane and being fired on by an ME109.

I have some audio tape footage of them somewhere that I taped off an old air band radio. I'd love to see figures from that movie. Pity I don't know of any HS's though!

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