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Headsculpting Practice (6 new heads)

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Spent my Chinese New Year Holidays Headsculpting Practice, made 6 altogether, 3 modifying cheap HS & 3 sculpting from scratch (now I challenged myself to sculpt eyes & nose too), pretty please with my little progress... gonna do more and hope can sculpt from photos and real person soon. Thanks for looking!

The Bunch

HS1 (Modified on a cheap George Clooney supposed-to-be, still looks a bit fat)

HS2 (Modified on a cheap Bruce Willis supposed-to-be, not meant to sculpt as Bruce, but a Middle East person, nose too big...)


Mr Wong (My first Asian face sculpt)

Mr Joker (I was thinking about the Joker sculpting this one)

Mr ScarFace (Wanted to do a disfigured two-face type)

The Tools
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Man! Sweet batch!

How's that putty working out for you? I've been pondering upon using epoxies.

Sweet batch bro. Nice to see how each new batch is becoming more and more refine than the previous ones. :thumb :thumb
Awesome work there Calvin , I really love your technique for moddin HS . gonna have to give it a try . :thumb
Cal, you are an amazing artist, they look fantastic! :thumb
1/6 4ever!
Nice ones Calvin! You are making progress each time! Cannot tell exactly until it is painted but I like Joker the most. I think that one gives a lot of potentials. Is Ruby working on something as well?
Well the pix are so larger my poor old Dial slow won't open all the way. But what I can see looks good. I always enjoy your work Calvin.
I'm lovin' all the sculpts! and I am really anticipating the painted ver of Mr Wong and Joker. Great stuffs my friend.
Thanks Guys! Headsculpting is rather addictive once you get a hang of it, imagine you are Mr G, making man outta mud... ha ha ha, just kidding, but it is indeed addictive, as I always think the Head is the Soul of a bash!

Uramegak: The Putty is very good to use, easy to sculpt and harden gradually in 5 hours, good timeframe to work with, especially that you can touch up on the details in the 4-5th hrs!

Widescene: As said above, you should give it a try, then yopu can stop buying heads, just create whoever u want and like!!!

Leo: Luv your Halflife team, asskicking as ever!!!

Writinman, Mike, Actionman, Paul & Kenny: Thanks Gents, honored as always!!!

Ray: Yeah! I am thrilled to be able to sculpt eyes too, as I always thought it difficult, which in fact, is not, actually. Ruby is still on the Monster Huntress Project, and we have 2 spice gal heads to mess around soon... ha ha ha!!!

Thanks Kenny, Joker is my fav. too, that face has been a "legend" ever since I knew this character.

Thanks again guys!
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Headsculpt two looks a lot like Tommy Lee Jones... either that or my High School Civics & Law Teacher.

Great work either way!
You are going where I am thinking about going. great work. Now if only I had some free time...... anybody have any they can give me... anybody?
Thanks Solid, now that you mentioned it, yeah, he does look a bit like Tommy Lee Jones.

Thanks cdn_rhino! Tell me about it, meant to do one per week... but 1:1 life is just eating up too much... I am lucky to have such a supportive girlfriend and family!
Good bunch there,

If you shaved the beard off the second head, he'd actually make a good Richard Nixon.

Sweet work there!:thumb At least now you have some new special HS to play with... a Asian Hellboy soon??:D
Woo, your Mr Joker do reminds me the gangs from "fist of the North Stars". Damn cool work you've got there.
Thanks Roger, yeah... now that you mentioned it, he does look abit like Dirty Dick, lol!

Thanks Cracktroop! Asian HellBoy?! Now, that is an idea!!! Ha ha ha!!!

Thanks Evilalive! "Ya... ya ... ya x 100", that is me memories of "F.O.N.S", my sis has that ringing tone, which is hilarious!
Calvin you always seem to amaze me. I'm a big fan of Calvin's work!:clap:clap
LOL!!! Thanks Davinator! Always appreciated and honored to have a fan like you!
Will keep on breaking new boundaries, cheers!
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