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FYI Hasbro's Overwatch Ultimates line, aside from being cancelled(the production team has been dissolved & reassigned internally, according to a Hasbro employee) has been showing up at clearance prices everywhere. Ross stores have singles for $3.50, Burlington Coat Factory has had 2-packs for $10 or so and the Gamestop 4-pack can be had on eBay for about $25 shipped. Goodsmile's Figma & Nendoroids have also been on clearance- which apparently isn't stopping them from releasing a school outfit D.Va for $120 and a Nendoroid with giant Meka, can't wait for those to end up 66% off in a few months.

So I grabbed the entire Hasbro line, minus recolors. Even online many singles were $6-$12 shipped each with multipacks being $15 at most. I also got a few from other lines to pad out the lineup, even though a 100% complete team roster isn't possible to obtain. I actually don't play the game, I don't believe my CPU is good enough(my only hindrance, unfortunately I'm at the best my motherboard can support) but they're on sale and look interesting.

Hasbro's line overall is pretty good and well worth the discount prices. They are lacking in painted details, Hasbro wasn't willing to spend the funds on full detail work but many smaller bits can be overlooked, some areas can be done yourself if you want, I'd say the biggest offender is that Tracer's hair is a bit too dark brown so I may go over that at some point. Sombra's ankles are also swollen due to the joints and her odd stocking feet design, with the black paint apps missing making them look bulkier. Pharah is also really lacking in silver stripes.

I had few QC issues- Sombra's hips were loose as the inner pelvis rod wobbled. Very careful application of super glue to freeze the rod fixed it. Ana's trigger finger was badly bent out of the box, a hair dryer was used to bend it down.

They do come with effect parts- which unfortunately ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with the Transformers stuff that has similar parts. I would guess this is due to licensing contracts or something else weird. They also come with extra hands but no extra heads. They're sorely lacking in stands, unfortunately- the flight stand in the Pharah/Mercy pack is all you get and it's a bit of a bad imitation of Japanese figure stands.

I'd personally rank Reinhardt as the best, being a deluxe-sized figure(pity the con repaint was wasted on green camo, rather than the G1 Soundwave skin), with Zarya second. Most I'd rank 3rd behind them, with Ana being the worst due to her helmet(Hasbro has a prototype for an unmasked head which we'll likely never see) and her balance is very poor.

The Figma line... there was some overlap of characters between both but Goodsmile made a few unique ones- look for D.Va, Widowmaker, Reaper & Zenyatta. Figma QC has unfortunately been on a downward slope the past 2-3 years while prices have shot up, seeing $100+ Gamestop price stickers in toys I got for $40 online shows how bad the clearance is getting. Reaper is the best of the bunch, though with the $30-$50 these will go for I'd only suggest them if you want to pad the roster.

I only got 2 Funko Pops- Wrecking Ball and D.Va with MEKA. For scale go with the Lego minifig Hammond in the Wrecking Ball. I got MEKA to put with Figma D.Va, unfortunately it's a bit small... but the unlicensed Figma-scale MEKA is reported to be extremly fragile so I opted to skip buying one.

Now then, the bootleg market... Blizzard got the official stuff out late, there has been a lot of unlicensed merch that predates anything licensed. Some of these are 7" statues made by Legend Creation, the standout being Roadhog. This is perfect scale with the Hasbro line, if anything you need this if you got Junkrat. It's not perfect... it's am immobile statue, the paints are a bit less than perfect, some bits are missing and the text prints are in bad Engrish- "HOO POWER" rather than "HOG POWER" and the "WESTERN AUSTRALIA" on the licensed plate came out the horrible "CGRATEQ AUSTDGILG". The scrap gun and hook accessories are separate pieces, the hook has a large metal chain attached. There is a large base stand but it's not really necessary.

Being unlicensed merch it's mostly going to ship from China, they average $60-$63. Right now with COVID though Chinese buying isn't advisable due to the 2-4 month wait to receive packages, if you're impatient. However there is a US retailer that stocks these- charges $55 plus postage, they're located in Ohio, postage will vary based on how far you are from them. I got mine from there without any issues so try them first.
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