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The 12" OTC Boba Fett is nice... eh, for a Hasbro effort. The retro Kenner box is nice and the figure itself is not too bad, even if it's nowhere near what the modern 1:6 offerings can do, but it's also a lot cheaper. But it has some obvious shortcomings.

What's been done-

* A longer neck. By default this figure has no gap at all between the helmet and armor
* Sideshow pistol & holster
* blast effect for the rifle
* double-jointed limbs

neck detail-

After popping off the head I cut away the flared ring that keeps it on and stacked 4 1/16" rubber washers(3/8" ID to go around the post) to extend the height. A conical washer trimmed down some was screwed into the top of the neck post to act as a new ring. On final dressing of the body I wrapped Teflon thread sealer around the neck to match the white collar from the film.

pistol detail-

Nothing special- just the Sideshow blaster bought loose on eBay. It fits on the Hasbro belt fine.

blaster detail-

I trimmed a length of wire tie and fit it into a flame effect from a Force Link series R2-D2 and then drilled a small hole into the rifle to fit it in.

body detail-

I used the stock Hasbro torso & pelvis with the limbs from a SOTW figure. Bashing these together was not particularly easy and it's an ugly mess underneath- I didn't take a photo of the last step but the arms had significant segments cut out to slim them down for a better uniform fit. There was no way to fit this uniform on the SOTW torso. The Hasbro feet were salvaged.

The legs are taller, but the ankle collars are separate pieces and hide the exposed legs well. The shoulders are wider and fill out the armor flaps better. The waist also feels more padded out, likely due to fitting the uniform better, so the belts fit more snug and don't roll around loose. In addition to the longer neck, taking the armor off and adjusting the suit helped a great deal- the threads binding the armor seams together are stitched through the suit which keeps you from adjusting it. When rebinding the armor I did not stitch it in place, only tying the sides closed.

The sleeve cuffs had to be cut off, they were too tight to go up the arms. This is hidden by the gauntlets.


paint the gloves- in ESB they have gray trim. Low priority.

paint the blaster- lower priority. The plastic is waxy and I worry acrylic paint will not stick well. I'd actually prefer to have an ESB rifle from a modern figure since this one is from the 1996 talking Boba Fett and fits in the hand poorly but I don't care to pay $30+ for one.

peg the wrists- right now they are pressure fit tight onto the arms. I would need to make new pegs, the Hasbro pegs were not really compatible with these forearms.

fix the range finder- Hasbro used very soft plastic that can't even handle the weight of the antenna top. Using heat is more of a temporary fix.
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