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I got myself a couple of the Indy figures on friday, I figure that I can get started on the way to getting my ark of the covenant :D I realized that Mutt needed a Jacket so I got to work on him. I first fixed his LIMP wrist. I may re-work it later so it has some play but for now, its fixed in a straight out... normal hand position. I plan to upgrade the figures further down the road but these will do for the time being.
I only got a pic of the jacket before I added the second sleeve.

Mutt decided to drink a Schlitz while I was finishing it. Here, he is holding the (unfinished) spear of destiny that I have been working on off and on.

A better look at the spear and a grail diary that I started on.

I made a bag for Indy (I'll probably make another one or re-sew the front edge)... Here he and Mutt stand together

I will be re-painting Mutt at the very least. I will probably pick up the whip action Indy for a better head-sculpt... if I can get his hat off I may try to make a hairline piece that I can trade-off with his hat.
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