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Hasbro Flamethrower redo

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This is an old Hasbro flamethrower that I re-painted and added new straps to. The Flame is the straw/hot glue technique. Not as nice as the lighted versions but cheap and able to pose onto multiple dio's. The figure is mostly Dragon /BBI with DID hands. The sculpt was repainted as well. Enough chatter.

Thanks for looking.

Jeff (Geppetto)
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wow Jeff !
that straw trick is a cool idea ! Thanks for sharing that bit ! :)
I never would've thought that was a Joe flamethrower (I think I have a couple around the house).
Very Nice!

Somebody should tell him that bricks won't burn though....:lol
Hey, that looks pretty darned good!! :thumb

Very nice, Jeff. You have people scrambling for their old Joe flamethrowers.
Very nice job, I love the upgrades you made, and I like the figure you used to display it, two thumbs up!........Jim
Man... That's excellent work.

Well done.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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