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Has anybody tackled a 20mm Oerlikon gun/mount?

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I've been mucking about with a few ideas about how to go about trying to make one but I'll be darned if I can think of ever seeing one in 1/6th. I think it would be a neat suport weapon to have and a great prop for a few naval figures. From what I've seen they come in quite a few different mountings and used on a wide range of ships from PT's to BB's. Anybody out there care to share a brainwave with me? No reason to wait for one of the big boys to manifacture one as I don't think that it will ever happen. Just another crazy idea from the madman.
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Hiya, Scanman Dan!

Great idea... I'll have to dig around in my reference materials to see what I can come up with. Definately would lead itself into some "neato" larger projects.

Proud son of Rose and Wes
Lopts of interesting fiddley-bits to the mechanism, but well worth the trouble, I'd say.

Some Google goodness:
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would be a great piece to see in 1/6th! Hope to see somebody do one either in resin
or by one of the big boys in plastic.
Tim (plasticpanzers)
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