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Last month at the New York Toy Fair, Trick or Treat Studios surprised everyone with their announcement of 1/6th scale horror collectible figures (see our story HERE). Front and center in that new series was masked stalker Michael Myers as has appeared in the numerous Halloween movies.

Pre-orders for Trick or Treat's first Michael Myers figure have now opened, the figure based on his debut appearance in 1978's classic Halloween. The figure is priced at only $119.99 (a steal for a 1/6th scale collectible).

Michael Myers (Halloween 1978) features 16 points of articulation and comes with interchangeable hands, one for holding the included knife and an open hand to grab victims. The figure is fully clothed in a screen accurate costume with a working zipper. And to round the package out, the figure comes in a beautiful Collectors Box with a flip back window display.


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