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Well Gday folks,
Just about to depart to Thailand and writing to you from hot hot hot Singapore.
We have checked out Ft Siloso, Kranji War Memorial just to name a few things.
Yujin is the best bloke ever. He took the whole day off to drive us around and take me to the 1:6 sights in Singapore.
I managed to get some things like a pair of the old HT Binos, TS LC2 Nam web set and the uniform, HT PCU Sniper and loose set of ACU cams and the hiking gear.
I visited YellowBox, Action City and went and saw Timothy at Suntec City. Gotta say the blokes at Action City are brilliant and Timothy gave me a great discount on my HT gear.
Well it's time for me to sign off, flight is about to leave.
Look forward to seeing you all again in 7 days.
Again thanks heaps Yujin you did us a MASSIVE favour. Something we will never forget.

Sean. AKA Austeyr.

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Hey Sean,

You are most welcome! It was great to have met you and Lorraine, and it was my pleasure to be able to bring you both about! :) Hope that you have had a great time here, and have fun in Phuket. :cheers :cheers
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