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Great Oscar poll

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Today's question: What is the biggest Oscars "Best Picture" upset of all time. Check out our poll to cast your vote from our five options, or comment below to tell us we're full of it, or to campaign for any upsets we might have missed. Here are our choices:

1. "Forrest Gump" tops "The Shawshank Redemption." Now, we love a little revisionist history as much as the next guy, and Forrest was sweet enough, but we're pretty sure that "Shawshank" can withstand the test of time a little better.

2. "Rocky" tops "All the President's Men," "Taxi Driver" and "Network." The underdog story rules, and "Rocky" has always been one of my favorites on the list of Best Picture winners, but taking out those three films in the same year is like knocking out Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago within the same 12 rounds.

3. "Ghandi" tops "E.T." The epic biopic was a classic, no doubt. But who among us can claim to have not been touched by E.T.'s little glowing heart, and his need to "phone home," and that bike ride across the moon, and ... oh, it's too much. Where's the Kleenex?

4. "Annie Hall" tops "Star Wars." What wins out? An epic that launched the most successful movie franchise of all time, or what was, really, another Woody Allen movie? The choice is clear, at least 30 years later.

5. "Shakespeare in Love" tops "Saving Private Ryan." Consider this our payback to Tom Hanks for dissing "Forrest Gump" earlier, but, at least in hindsight, "Shakespeare" turns out to be nothing more than a fun little joyride and borderline buffoonery. "Saving Private Ryan" reminded us of what an epic war movie is all about and should have followed in the tradition of "Platoon" and "Patton."

I voted for Saving Prvt Ryan...
The Right Stuff losing to Terms of Endearment in '83 was a WTF moment as well.
Gump deserved to win but Redemption was good.
(....and E.T. sucked in retrospect)
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