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Hi All,

GI-JOE, Adventure Team. Secret of the Mummy's Tomb 1:12 scale.

Figure - The body/hands/boots are from a DamToys German SS officer and the head is from a Hasbro 6" BS Death Star Trooper which has had a beard and small scare added using putty. The belt/holster/binoculars are from the German SS officer and the pouches are from an old Call of Duty WW2 figure, the water bottle is from a Madelman and the straps and buckles I got from the spare bits box and the hat is from Hasbro's 6" BS Farm boy Luke figure.

The shovel and pick have been made using a skewer and plastic and the net has been made using string which has been glued together and then given a wash of Vallejo's Flat Earth.

ATV & Sarcophagus - has been made using foam board for the shell and then plastic card was glued over the shell to give it more strength and the wheels are old Lego wheels I got from my Lego stash and I removed the studs from the hubs and glued 28mm shields to them. The winch is made using plastic card as is the actual turn rod for the rob, the hooks are from Bandai's 1:12 Stormtrooper holsters and are the latches that hold the E11 blaster is place.
The sarcophagus is made using foam board and peeling off the thin cardboard and the making the shape and gluing the pieces together and using a sharp pencil to make the markings.

The mummy was done by using a 3-3/4" Ugha Warrior from IJ Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and I then cut and repositioned the arms and then wrapped him in packing cloth.

Base - has been made using foam board and the walls and wall pictures were done using a sharp pencil. The sand was done by mixing sand and spakfilla with a little sand coloured paint added to it then applied to the base. The palm tree was made using a cardboard tube with string wrapped around it and then tissue paper was applied by soaking it with watered down PVA glue. The palm throngs were made by painting A4 paper and then cutting out the shape and then cutting the leaves.

The oasis was done by making a hole and applying the spakfilla/sand mix and I then added foliage from MiniNatur and the water was done using resin and adding a small amount of Medium green for the centre of the pool and then adding light green for the edges.



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