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Anyone who doesn't think these are worth $60 is risking multiple heart attacks going through any other OSW threads and seeing what things actually cost. The gear on these is the best part, and I honestly don't think the Proton Pack could be too much better if Hot Toys made one, and if they did there's no way you could hope to get a parted out one for as little as $60, alone.

Yeah, elbow pads and boots could stand improving. I'm not that sure the body needs replacing especially when Ghostbusters don't need to do circus poses, but replacing a body isn't drastic. And people with better skills than mine have achieved very nice likenesses repainting and warm-plastic-reshaping these heads a bit. They are solid value at $60 (leaving aside the added emotional attachment for a Ghostbusters Fan), and they are breathtaking at $10 when your basic 6" Batman is costing $20. I'd buy lots of them if I ever found any at $10 but God doesn't love me that much.
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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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