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German Fallschirmjager Equipment help

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Afternoon ladies and gents, so due to my never ending love of everything airborne I scrounged up some old parts I had lying around to kit bash a german fallschirmjager and I had everything I needed except a bandolier, now I've never been much of a fan of the German paratrooper bamdoliers I always thought they looked kind of silly and would much rather give my fallschirmjager some leather K98 pouches, but was wondering if this would be historically accurate seeing as I've never seen any photos of German paratroopers armed with K98s that didn't have bandoliers, so I'm just wondering if it would be historically accurate to give my para some leather K98 pouches instead of a bandolier? Thanks in advance!
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FJ were still doing operational jumps right into the battle of the bulge, just not at the levels of crete. also after crete they did jump with weapons strapped to their harnesses as it became quite apparent they were defenseless without weapons, once on the ground The k-98 FJ bandolieer was used right to the end of the war.

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