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Gentle Giant: Indiana Jones stuff

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No idea if the ark is 1/6.


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The ark isn't 1/6th... it is one of their "desk accessories"... it is made to hold business cards.. probably a bit too small for 1/6th.. ( the idol is a pen holder.. grail cup for paper clips etc...) regardless.. I want these for my office at work ! As for the Indy bust... well.. it is cool... but god that is one hell of a yucky likeness... one of the guys on the Indy forums noted that it looked more like 80's teen actor Corey Feldman... and I gotta agree :)
That Indy bust is freakin' SWEEEEEEET! A must-have!
only problem with the bust (not including the bad head sculpt) is the shirt all unbuttoned... that's fine for a Temple Of Doom Indy.. without the jacket... but when he wore his jacket his shirt wasn't all unbuttoned.. ( I know I know.. nitpicking..) I do really like the Last Crusade mounted Indy statue though !
This doesn't look all that bad, but with Sideshow releasing 1/6 figure - who needs it?

If the SS figure is bad, and let's pray it isn't, then we'll need all the Indy we can get! The sculpt doesn't look as good as their ANH Han, or is that just the pic?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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