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Generic operator 2 - Tailoring Exercise

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Adjusted the fabric pattern and camo pattern along with a first attempt to print on muslin. The shirt is still a little large and pants still ride a little low. a few more tries and I should have the pattern down.

The fabric isn't moisture resistant. Haven't figured out how to seal fabric effectively yet. Next step maybe researching the various treatment solutions for creating printable fabric which I've heard about.

Overall a fun little project. Enjoy :D

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Nice work using parts from the TRU BBI figure. The BDUs on the other hand. Are those custom?
Thanks guys! :D

Broadshore: Thanks a lot! They sure are. My second attempt at replicating a popular commercial camo. I'm still looking for a cheap printable material that won't turm my fingers green while sewing.

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Man that looks so nice.
Looks good to me. Is bubble jet set what you are looking for? I know you said you have a HP. If that doesn't help I have heard of colorfast inks and I think I've heard of inkjet ink just for fabric.
Thanks, fellas!

Doktor Von Evil: Thanks for the link! That's the exact website I looked up when I got into printing on fabrics. Other options involved iron-on transfers, sublimation dye ink which I was informed that it might be very expensive and model specific.

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Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I like the uniform.
Amazing work, i just love ur figures and custom pieces :thumb
I think I am going to cry.
Over the top! LOVE the details ( you are a champion seamster ) It is nice to see that folks are tackling this pattern with such amazing results. Good stuff.
Awesome Job on the sewing and cool pattern.Are you ready to go into business? And cool looking bash!!!
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