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Tax prep weekend bash of a Asset Acquisition Team Operative inspired by the Cobra Shocktrooper minus a few details.

Parts list:
Body, subload pouches, waist pouches, anti-cut sleeve - 21st C Toys
Helmet assembly, hands, body armor - M&C/PTE
Pistol holster + mag pouches, vest, gasmask bag, radio, carabiners - DML
Belt - Hasbro + bbi hybrid
Chrome shades - bbi Cy GIrls
Knee pads - Knock off OG girls
Colorful zip ties - Dollar Tree
SMG, reflex sight, pistol, karambit - 3D Print

Enjoy. :D

Weapons kit:


Thanks for looking! :thanks


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Very nice! I dunno but this bash kinda appeals to me; he looks menacing as h*ll, slender and not over packed with pouches and stuff like that, great posing and great photos. Simple but yet very thought through. Me like a lot!:hifive:bravo

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