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Finally getting off my butt to post some things I've been working on.

Body, boonie, M4 rifle base, hydration pack, grenades: PTE
.45 pistol with suppressor+drop holster, tomahawk+sheath, belt, LB harness, ALICE triple mag pouches, medium utility pouch, knife sheath, hooked sling, body armor : 21st C Toys
MossyOak jacket, pants, shirt, knife: Ertl
Double pistol mag pouch: Marvel Studios
Radio: Hasbro
Earpiece + wire: DML
Boots: bbi mass market
Grenade drop pouch: Homemade
Vented rifle fore-grip, sliding stock assembly, red-dot sight: 3D printed

Enjoy& Thanks for looking! :D



And an action shot of the figure tipping over


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Very good shot at the Honey Badger, a rifle I would really like to see made in 1/6 or with 3D parts.

BTW looking at the Honey Badger handguard I would say that it looks like you are a few steps away from making a JP or JP/VTAC rail handguard too. Keep us posted!

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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