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Long time between bashes. It's definitely time I got off my lazy butt and wrapped up these parts that had been hanging around my desk.

Body: G3.5 clone
BDU: ERTL Ultra Corps
Helmet, holster: DML
Goggles, headsculpt, vest, medium utility pouch, large utility pouch, tall utility pouch, grenade drop pouch, elbow & knee pads, boots, spandex wrap, radio, knife sheath, Makarov pistol, pistol double mag pouch: 21st Century Toys
Rifle sling: Power Team Elite
Glove hands: Dr. Figures
Bizon SMG, large knife, ballistic knife& sheath: 3D print
Wrist watch: Unknown
Bizon mag pouches: Homemade


Bizon SMG:

Makarov 9mm Sidearm:

Enjoy & thanks for looking. :D


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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